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Road to gender equality

Gender equality is central to the Sustainable Development Goals and a core value of the OECD. Education, employment, and leadership gaps are narrowing in most OECD countries, but structural barriers such as discriminatory social norms remain. Closing gender gaps at work could result in an average boost of 9.2% to GDP across OECD countries by 2060.  The OECD works to drive this progress through mainstreaming gender equality into its analysis. The Organisation bridges gender data gaps and produces evidence such as the OECD Dashboard on Gender Gaps to monitor country progress. It provides country-specific analysis in order to transform harmful social norms and eliminate discriminatory laws.  The OECD monitors policy developments in OECD countries and beyond. The Organisation is deepening its partnerships to advance gender equality globally, including an inaugural Forum on Gender Equality in June 2024, to empower women and girls in the green, energy and digital transitions.  

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